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Marketing your equestrian property relies quite significantly on selling the equestrian lifestyle.  It isn’t selling the features of the property but rather the feeling that living on such a property could bring.

The First Impression

We discussed this point at length in our second series of equestrian property listing tips and tricks, so we’ll just skim the surface here.

It is essential to set your property up to give buyers a great first impression. This begins with the listing.

Immaculate photos, videos and advertising are a must. A well-maintained, clean and organized property will go a long way with creating value in a buyer’s mind.

Once you have a showing booked, you want buyers to feel excitement as they drive down the road to your property – this is the first time they will truly picture themselves becoming the owner of your equestrian property.

Highlight the Benefits and Opportunities

Sure, people need to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms the home has, and how many stalls the barn has. But listing the features of a property is not enough.

Think about what potential buyers would enjoy most about your barn and home. You need to highlight what types of “rewards” a buyer may receive from living in the home and from using the horse facilities.

Ask yourself:

Does the house offer views of the paddocks or barn from windows in the home?
Do you have a deck in the yard that the owners could enjoy on nights in with friends and family?
Is the home you are selling relaxing and inviting – something every rider will enjoy coming home to after long days (and nights!) at the horse shows?

What specific benefits does your facility have over others – Are there miles of hacking, heated grooming stalls, a walker, a large outdoor arena or a perhaps a conditioning track? 

Think about the market or discipline that you are trying to reach and make sure to highlight the benefits to those specific buyers.


Unique Marketing Features

What does your property have that other equestrian properties on the market might not have?

I know in Ontario we aren’t flooded with identical equestrian properties but if there are enough similarities in price and size on even one other property – highlighting a uniqueness can help the buyer see more value in your property over the other one. Make sense?

From extraordinary views of the escarpment to a second residence on the property – showcasing uniqueness can go a long way with a potential buyer.

It will help them picture themselves living their dream life on your property.


Advertising and The Listing

This is where you really get the buyer fantasying about their future life on your property.  To do this, you need to display your property at its very best.

For photos and videos, the property needs to be meticulous.  

If you have boarders, take pictures at first light before anyone gets to the barn. Make sure the barn is spotless, blankets are folded, stalls are clean and all clutter has been organized or cleaned away.

Videos are best for showing off what the lifestyle is about – if your barn has a story behind it, tell it.

Show buyers some of the benefits of your facility – if you have an eventing barn with a cross-country course, show your best horse and rider tackling some jumps. Show some of the workings around the barn – hay bailing at dawn, happy horses being led to turn out and so on.

Drone footage should also be mandatory for large equestrian properties too. There is no excuse for not having aerial shots of your facility these days either. It gives buyers a great overall perspective of the property.


Keep the Property Well Maintained & Clean

I’ve said this before but for many people buying a horse property has been a dream of theirs since childhood.

Your property doesn’t need to be the fanciest or most modern for it to show well. 

Presenting a well-maintained and clean property presents a lifestyle that shows care and happiness. This goes a long way with buyers looking for the commitment of owning horse property.


Patience Is Key

Equestrian properties typically stay longer on the market than most other property types.

Horse farms are a niche product. Generally set in price ranges at the higher end of the real estate market, they take a special buyer who is willing to not only spend that kind of money but put in the time and commitment it takes to own this type of property.

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