This list was updated in March 2018 to reflect any sold properties but it is likely others will be sold by the time you are reading this. You can view the latest equestrian listings here or Watch our Instagram page @landandtitle for updates on dream properties hitting the market in Ontario.

1. Picturesque Property in Amaranth

I bet you’ve never seen a bank barn quite like this – it is meticulous, modern and inviting.  Unfortunately, there is no indoor arena here (which is perfectly fine if you winter in Florida of course) but with the amount of space on this property, you wouldn’t have trouble putting one in.

The residence is a gorgeous character home that has been updated to perfection, all while maintaining its old word character.

Location: Amaranth, Dufferin County
Acres: 49.3
Stalls: 16
Sold Price: $970,000
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2. Stunning Stone Barn in Puslinch

The title says it all, this really is a stunning barn! Newly built with stone and designed with a classic, yet fresh interior. This lovely property has a large sized indoor arena as well. Ideal for a small boarding operation or a gorgeous place to keep your own horses.

The generously sized home was built with many large windows allowing for a bright and airy feel throughout the home. Coming home to this property every night would be a dream come true for any horse lover.

Location: Puslinch, Wellington County
Acres: 13.32
Stalls: 8
Sold Price: $1,575,000
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3. The Heart of Horse Country in Caledon

This equestrian facility is superb in so many ways! From the stables to the the large indoor arena, all is beautifully bright and open. The outdoor is perfect for warm weather riding in the spring and summer months.

The residence on this property is idyllic – a truly unique, cozy and well-designed home – the perfect complement to this magnificent equestrian property.

Location: Caledon, Peel Region
Acres: 16.5
Stalls: 7
Sold Price: $2,150,000
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4. Storybook Equestrian Home in N.O.T.L

Unique in design, charming in style. A gorgeous little equestrian property neighboring a picturesque vineyard – it doesn’t get more scenic than this one.  There is a coverall indoor arena but this is another one with space enough for a large permanent indoor arena, and an outdoor arena at that.

The home is magnificent! Mimicking the exterior style of the barn in true horse lover fashion.

Location: Niagara-On-The-Lake, Niagara Region
Acres: 6
Stalls: 8
Asking Price: $2,375,000
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5. Luxurious Living in Lorreto

Here it is, my absolute favorite property! This is a world-class barn of true high-end caliber! Everything about this facility is immaculate, from the barn itself to the arenas and exquisitely manicured paddocks.

The property has two fantastic residences, which you will see when you click on ‘more details’ below. A true property for fine equestrian living and one that appears as an intriguing investment as well.

Location: Lorreto, Simcoe County
Acres: 67.8
Stalls: 16
Sold Price: $3,000,000
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6. Equestrian Estate in Wilmont

A grand barn on a grand property – meticulously kept and well cared for.  With this wonderful property comes a large indoor arena. A true turn-key equestrian facility ready for boarders.

The house although large has been finished to feel cozy and inviting. Some finishing touches are needed around the property but overall, there is a load of potential with this one.

Location: Wilmont, Waterloo Region
Acres: 103
Stalls: ?
Asking Price: $3,800,000
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7. Fancy Barn in Flamborough

A beautiful and creatively designed barn with a unique and inviting layout. The indoor arena is gorgeous and bright, letting in heaps of natural light. The property itself is extremely picturesque and makes for perfect hacking.

There are two residences on this property – a great opportunity for extra income potential outside of the equestrian facility.

Location: Flambrough, Waterloo Region
Acres: 12
Stalls: 31
Asking Price: $3,980,000
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8. State-Of-The-Art Training Facility in London

A truly prestigious equestrian facility! This equestrian property has top-notch facilities fit for the competitive equestrian, it has everything you need from stunning stalls to impressive training arenas. This property is another one on my favorites list.

There are also two residences on this spectacular property adding to your potential for income. And with the size of property like this one, I am sure there are many more exciting future opportunities to explore.

Location: London, Middlesex County
Acres: 100
Stalls: ?
Asking Price: $4,100,000
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