For many, escaping the city and buying a Country Home is a life long dream. Having the freedom of space brings with it the opportunity to appreciate nature. To bring out your creative side and savour beautiful views.  And for others, living the country life is a simple chance to escape having neighbors.

Either way, buying a country home in this day and age can be on the expensive side. Here are 5 Creative Ways you could earn extra income on your country property.

1. Hosting Events

Country Home owners have been lending out their land to garden parties, boutique style weddings, bridal showers and wedding photographers.

The viability of this option, of course, depends on a few of things; firstly permitting and zoning, secondly the size of your property and thirdly whether or not you are the type of person that is comfortable with having groups of people milling around your property.

2. Rental / AirBnB / Full Bed and Breakfast

This is a common way to earn extra income from your home but the list wouldn’t feel complete without mentioning it. Offering your home or even a room in your home, up for rent, hosting an AirBnB or providing a full service Bed and Breakfast right on your property may help to supplement a portion of your mortgage payments.

In the past we have seen clients rent out the lower portion of their home, their entire home for a short period while they are away or if they are lucky enough to have a second residence on the property they rent that out throughout the year.


3. List your Home for Films, Photography and Commercials

This option is not for everyone and is both entirely home and location dependent. Nevertheless, it could be worth a shot since listing your home and / or property for films or commercials is a growing trend in Ontario. There are currently two reputable sites to list your home in Ontario;

  1. Set Scouter and
  2. Ontario Media Development Corporation.

You may have to double check with the municipality in case those pesky permits are needed as well.


4. Pet Sitting

If you love animals and have a large enough property you could think about setting up a small pet sitting operation for pets. You don’t have to run a huge animal day care facility but looking after a couple of dogs for the weekend could be a fun way to earn some extra cash.

A good place to start could be with family and friend’s pets. If it is something you enjoy, you can grow from there.

5. Country Baking

I immediately picture a strawberry pie cooling on a windowsill when I think of country home baking.  If you have a knack for baking and a green thumb think about growing organic local fruits, baking them into delicious treats and selling them at local farmers markets or even at your local country store.

Some properties may allow you to sell them right on your property – check out Fleetwood Acres Home Style Bakery on Centre Rd. in Carlisle, ON for some inspiration.

If you have a creative way to earn extra income on your country property, we’d love to hear about it







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